Inspired by the startup environment we help businesses ignite their innovation processes and be successful where it really matters


Our e-book is launching soon!

We are in the midst of finalizing our e-book on the Corporate Garage approach, providing detailed knowledge on how to set up your company for accelerated innovation and success in the future.

The e-book is expected to launch soon, so stay updated.


Ensure growth from new initiatives parallel to executing on your existing business model

Sponsored by Industriens Fond, we offer two sequential Corporate Garage Master Classes held in Copenhagen.

The Master Classes bring you the most effective ideas and practical measures available in the consultancy world, distilled into systematic, easy-to-apply tools for getting the agility and the entrepreneurial mind-set of a startup to propel and energize the innovative efforts in your corporate organization.

We move the focus away from why innovation happens and instead focus on how to innovate in today's business environment by teaching you tried-and-tested methods and tools to help get your Corporate Garage ambitions implemented quickly and effectively.

Interested in a non-binding offer? Contact: rv@corecompany.dk

The Master Classes are held by industry experts


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