Consumers are taking control, industries are going digital, new business models are rising, and giants are struggling to stay in the game. However, amid this disruption, we believe that businesses today are presented with an opportunity of a lifetime for everyone bold enough to embrace these revolutionary changes. We have looked towards the startups who seem to have found a new successful formula where strategic, rational, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurial execution play together to form agile business strategies with rapid execution and learning organisations. The Corporate Garage Approach is a guide for companies to transition towards this new way of strategic thinking. The path to Accelerate Growth.


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About the AUTHORS

Core & Company

Core & Company is a pragmatic and entrepreneurial growth advisory firm located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Core & Company partners with large corporations, who are bold and ready to make a change, and offer them agile strategy development, customer-centric business models, and innovative organisational architecture.

Rasmus Vaupel, Founder and Partner at Core & Company heads up the Corporate Garage Approach and began developing the concept back in 2016, to help clients adapt, evolve, and succeed in a changing world. This book is authored by Rasmus Vaupel.

For more information, visit www.corecompany.dk


pree.to is a leading consulting firm specialising in the pretotyping framework that enables large companies to build and validate new business ideas rapidly and effectively. pree.to has worked with +30 top-league companies and trained thousands of people on pretotyping and related toolsets. Soon, pree.to will launch an online platform for companies of all sizes to experiment and market validate their ideas—at a cost and speed never seen before.

Tim Vang is trained personally by Alberto Savoia and is the Co-founder of pree.to and has contributed with exceptional insights and exciting cases for the pretotyping element of the Corporate Garage Approach. Tim is author of “From Holy Grail to structured fail”.

For more information, visit: www.pree.to

Copenhagen Business School is the largest business university in Denmark. It’s research profile covers a broad subject area within the social sciences and humanities. The academic breadth reflects a societal need to understand business issues in a broader social, political, and cultural context.

Lars Bo Jeppesen is a professor at CBS, where he holds a position in Management of Innovation at the Department of Strategy & Innovation. Lars is an expert on innovation as it relates to co-development with users, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and technology platforms. He has contributed to the Corporate Garage approach with deep knowledge and insights on how frms can access and leverage “external” innovators’ potential. His work has been published in a variety of management journals, and it has been featured in media ranging from Financial Times and Fast Company to Nature and Science.

Praises for Accelerate Growth with a Corporate Garage

“Every company, big or small, should leverage the Crowd to accelerate growth. The Corporate Garage Approach is a powerful and hands-on way for using the Crowd for generating ideas, Rapid Market Validation, and building solutions.”

Johan Füller, CEO Hyve AG - The Innovation Company, and Chair of Innovation & Entrepreneurship University of Innsbruck

“High ambitions, clear focus, and the right Growth Toolkit is critical when engaging in new ventures within an established corporation. We aspire to radically transform the way we do business, and this book offers insights on how to achieve just that.”

Lars Kastrup, Head of Sales Tradelens, Maersk

“This book will help you reframe your innovation mindset, adopt new ways of working and accelerate growth. Once you’ve seen the effects of the Corporate Garage Approach there is no turning back.”

Line Ghisler, Digital Lab Kick-Starter & Digital Sales Director at Danske Spil

A must-read intro to agile and impactful innovation - well-written, thought-provoking and jam-packed with useful insights.”

Kristoffer Nielsen-Refs, Digital native, Ex. COO & Head of Product, Blue Labs (Corporate Startup within SE Corporation)

“Staying nimble and agile while scaling rapidly calls for new ways of leading and executing. This book offers straight forward learnings and insights to achieve just that.”

Thomas Zeihlund, Head of Mature Markets & CFO Too Good To Go

“We believe that the Corporate Garage Approach is a great way to drive innovation and increase competitiveness for Danish Companies.”

Mads Lebech, CEO TryghedsGruppen

“A must read for anyone wishing to build a Corporate Garage!”

Tendayi Viki, Author of The Corporate Startup